Fighters & Writers
by John G. Rodwan, Jr.

An Interview with the Author

Fighters & Writers is neither a traditional sports book nor a conventional collection of literary essays. The title essay surveys a selection of the mammoth body of literature involving boxing in addition to writing on closely related topics such as confidence games. "The Ali Act" considers writers' undiminished interest in one extraordinary boxer. "The Fighting Life" looks at two prominent writers' use of boxing in their fiction. "A First-Class Sport" assesses boxing's frequently overlooked positive aspects by examining the memoirs and autobiographies of several boxing enthusiasts, including a former heavyweight champion, a well-known trainer and television analyst, and prominent public figures including a former president and a U.S. senator. Other pieces in the collection explore how boxing inserts itself in writers' imaginations even when they write about other subjects. Essays on diverse topics such as book dedications, Orwell's Spanish Civil War memories, digressions, tattoos and losing weight reveal the close, if not always recognized, connections between fighters and writers.

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